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  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Services
  • Internet of Things
  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Services
  • Internet of Things
  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence

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Over 120 clients worldwide

We are valued for our experience, dedication and proactive work approach. Building long-term relations with each customer we look ahead with confidence and are full of energy to move forward.

We operate all over the world: in our offices in Lithuania and the United States; remotely - throughout Europe and from Canada. We are united not only by joint projects, but also by a lot of informal events

Top 1000 Best B2B Service Companies in the World

Clutch is an independent rating platform for B2B market. One of the platform's main rankings is Clutch 1000. Clutch analysts rank companies based on their market share, industry expertise, and the completeness and relevance of independent customer reviews. The final list of top 1000 includes 1% of the best companies registered on the Clutch platform.

Global Outsourcing 100® ranking

Each year, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP®) selects the best IT service providers based on carefully chosen criteria. The final list of companies is formed after a thorough study of the submitted materials and assessments made by an independent expert commission. Another important component of the assessment is customer reviews.

Our company has been included in the Global Outsourcing 100® rating every year since 2008

Auriga awards

AURIGA typical projects

Embedded and system software development

drivers, operating systems kernels, loaders, hypervisors, microcontrollers

Development of software that works at the level of interaction with hardware. Any device from a phone to an airplane has such software. The components we develop are often invisible to the user, yet they control cutting-edge equipment and form the basis for further products development and solutions.

Examples of the tasks we perform:
  • device driver development: from a USB controller driver to an ultra-high-speed Ethernet controller for a server platform
  • development of operating systems kernel components, as well as development of operating systems themselves
  • development of solutions for hardware virtualization and simulation
  • software development for microcontroller-based devices

Business solutions development

web and mobile applications, microservices and cloud technologies

Development of multi-level solutions for comprehensive business tasks performance and various processes automation. We are working on fail-safe and secure architecture capable of serving millions of users. The solutions we develop can be powered by microservice architecture, and can also use web and mobile applications.

Examples of the tasks we perform:
  • Power grid management automatioin
  • Complete software modification for a large transport company
  • General music content store
  • Structural steel design
  • Structural steel design
  • Banking software
  • Medical portals
  • Invitation buildings access system

Software development for medical devices

life support systems, ventilators, digital twins, simulators, ISO 13485, IEC 62304, baremetal, RTOS

Development and testing of software for medical devices and systems in accordance with international quality standards. The solutions we develop in the medical field include a wide range of tasks from embedded software development for medical devices and ensuring the compatibility of medical equipment to development of systems for management, analysis (including using machine-learning algorithms) and visualization of collected data. Solutions related to such increasingly popular trend as telemedicine are also not left aside.

Examples of the tasks we perform:
  • Development of software for patient monitors
  • Development of software for ventilators
  • Development of software for dialysis systems and infusion systems
  • Development of medical device simulators
  • Development of solutions in the field of telemedicine
  • Medical software testing
  • Testing medical devices using various patient simulators
  • Manual and automatic testing

Our values

Our mission is to provide superior software R&D services worldwide by translating our key principles into daily practice
  • Focus on client

    We do all we can to understand the client’s business goals and proactively help in reaching them

  • Strive for excellence

    Whatever we do, we do our best to perform the task better than anybody else could

  • Love what we do

    We facilitate comfortable and flexible environment to enjoy every day of our life at work

  • Act with integrity

    We say what we think and do what we say

  • Work as a team

    We believe that high goals can only be achieved by combining individual talents, opinions and efforts

Plunge into the atmosphere of our corporate culture

We love big parties

We celebrate New Year and AURIGA's Birthday in style! The rest of the time, we play consoles, participate in quizzes and cyber tournaments, sing karaoke...with the arrival of new people, the number of our activities is growing rapidly ;-)

We spend a lot of time outdoors

Our caring HR make sure that we do not burn out and always stay active, cheerful and fit. To achieve this, we constantly practice outdoor activities and keep ourselves in excellent physical shape!

We provide useful merch

Branded hoodies, cool laptop backpacks, welcome packs with PC mice, anti-stress toys, thermal mugs and much more! We love to set the mood, especially with the help of high-quality gifts. What else can we please you with?

We offer comfortable work environment

Remote working.
Work&Life balance
Cozy atmosphere with healthy snacks
Internal and external training. Conferences.
Career growth
business trips


  • Recruiter is the main contact person and support at all stages of the interviews.
  • We value every candidate. Therefore, our recruiter will contact you during working hours within 24 hours after receiving your CV.
  • The recruiter will tell you more about our projects, as well as clarify your technical skills and area of your professional interests.
  • If our interests match, the recruiter will send your CV to our project managers on the same day.
    Consideration of a CV at this stage usually takes 1-2 working days.
  • Our recruiter may also contact you to clarify the details of your experience.
  • The next step is an interview with the project manager.
    We have many interesting projects, and sometimes we consider candidates for several teams at once, so we can set up a meeting with several team leads at the same time.
  • Sometimes our customers want to get to know you personally, so another online meeting is possible. The recruiter will guide you through the interview process.
  • Our task is to make sure that no more than 5 days pass from the moment we receive your resume to the final interview.
  • We hope everything went well and you liked AURIGA. The final stage is sending you a job offer with all the conditions. The recruiter will guide you on the dates, results of meetings and other issues – he/she is always in touch.
Our value is to act with integrity.
We are transparent in our decisions and actions, it is important for us to fulfill our obligations.

Our company conducts an annual performance assessment

  • At a meeting with the team lead and HR-bp the previous working period is evaluated
  • Areas for growth are highlighted and an individual development plan is drafted
  • Tasks for the next period are assigned
  • Following the results of the assessment, the company considers both the possibility of the employee’s career promotion and his/her salary change.
We are actively engaged in staff development
  • Every newbie has a mentor
  • We have our own Training Center which among other things helps with the implementation of an individual development plan
  • We also engage third-party providers for employee training and development
  • We welcome cross-functional development and experience exchange
  • The company also teaches English - we have many international projects
  • All training is free for employees
  • We also strongly encourage and welcome participation in conferences and meetups. In case you want to become a speaker on behalf of AURIGA, we help you develop your presentation skills
Our value is to strive for excellence.
We create an environment for development, provide opportunities for growth, and constantly improve ourselves and the world around us.

In our work we apply all the best practices in the field of software development, such as AGILE and Waterfall.

We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified in medical device software development and testing and validate this certification every year
Our value is to strive for excellence.
Whatever we do, we do our best to perform the task better than anybody else could

On the first working day each employee receives an integration plan (adaptation plan), which is compiled by the direct supervisor.
The plan includes the tasks that need to be completed during the integration period, as well as the training necessary for adaptation, which is provided by our "Training Center".
A mentor helps in the implementation of the plan - we call him "sensei". You will also have an HR business partner who will accompany you throughout your life in the company.
The standard duration of the integration period is 2-3 months, depending on the project and role.
Throughout the integration period, regular meetings are held with the direct supervisor, sensei and HR business partner. The goals of these meetings are to summarize intermediate results, exchange impressions and understand what kind of support is needed to implement the plan. Our value is to work as a team.
We appreciate every individual perspective, at the same time we believe that ambitious goals are achieved through teamwork: by combining our efforts, talents and experience, we achieve more

The work schedule and the need to visit the office depends on the project:

  • We have projects where we help save lives. Therefore, one cannot do without a direct presence in our laboratories
  • At the same time, there are projects where visiting the office is not so critical and we can consider both completely remote work and a hybrid schedule.
We welcome candidates from different cities and countries - regardless of whether we have our office there already or not.
We have mandatory hours when you need to be available - from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. You can choose a convenient schedule yourself, but remember that we work 40 hours a week.
We really love it when the office is full of people - and we welcome offline meetings: both formal and informal. Our value is to love what we do.
We create comfortable and flexible working conditions, support the desire for self-realization and maintaining a balance between work and leisure.

Within the first working days the company provides the employee with the necessary equipment and software for work.

And yes, if you need, for example, a MacBook or a second monitor, etc. to complete the tasks, we will also provide you with it ;-) Our value is to love what we do.
We create comfortable and flexible working conditions, support the desire for self-realization and maintaining a balance between work and leisure.

Job openings


About the project

Our customer is an American company, developer of a real–time operating system certified according to the aviation standard DO-178B/C. One of the oldest projects of the company.

Our expectations

  • Strong C programming skills;
  • Excellent knowledge of the internal structure of UNIX (Linux/BSD);
  • Experience in developing Linux applications and system architecture concepts;
  • Experience working with Unix (Linux) development tools and environment (GCC, shell utilities, shell scripts, Makefile, etc.);
  • Experience writing drivers for various devices;
  • Knowledge of the software development lifecycle;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Knowledge of the POSIX and/or DO-178 standard is desirable;
  • Knowledge of Assembler for various platforms is a plus.

What should you expect

All aspects of software development in the kernel space and system libraries in the context of Unix-like RTOS, including the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Development of drivers and kernel modules;
  • Participation in the certification of the product according to the DO-178B/C standard;
  • Writing tests and documentation;
  • Support customers in all areas related to Unix-like OSR;
  • Participation in weekly status meetings in English.

What we offer

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Gross salary from 3000 Euro

About the project

The customer is an American company, developer and manufacturer of electronic devices and computer components: microprocessors and system logic sets (chipsets) for client computing systems and data centers, FPGAs (Altera).

The main goal of the project is the validation and measurement of accuracy indicators for various Computer Vision algorithms (mainly pre-trained models based on Deep Learning).

Stack: Linux, python, unittest, js, cypress, rest api, git, jira.

Our expectations

  • English level: B2 and above;
  • Auto testing experience from 2 years (must have);
  • Experience in writing test plans and test cases;
  • Experience in developing tests in Python or JS (various vacancies on the project);
  • Knowledge/experience with version control systems: Git;
  • Knowledge/experience with Jenkins;
  • Knowledge/experience with Linux.

What should you expect

  • Development of test cases;
  • Code coverage analysis;
  • Development of e2e, integration, unit autotests;
  • Run automatic validations on target platforms;
  • Creation and maintenance of bugs;
  • Providing feedback to improve the product itself and processes.

What we offer

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About the project

You will be a part of Auriga HR team! We are looking for a Recruiter that will be responsible for implementing full cycle. You will be focused on the attraction, sourcing, selection and interviewing for our developer’s teams in Vilnius and on other interesting everyday tasks.

Our expectations

  • Successful professional recruitment experience (IT recruitment is a great advantage).
  • Lithuanian and English — both spoken and written;
  • Russian will be an advantage;
  • Proactive and team focused;
  • Strong communication skills.

What should you expect

  • Full cycle recruiting process: from sourcing to closing candidates;
  • Analysis of the labor market — regular research to inform management of the current market situation with different specialists, average wages and ways of attracting and retaining staff in the company;
  • Help with HR administration process;
  • Maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the team, organizing of internal events;
  • Providing annual appraisal process: gathering information, completing appraisal forms, conducting and participating in appraisal interviews;
  • Ensures compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, company policies and practices;
  • Help with promotion of HR Brand.

What we offer

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Gross salary up to 3200 Euro

About the project

Customer of the solution to develop is an automotive company which specializes in offroad vehicles.

Embedded Linux C++ application development for a specific HW including UI.

In-Vehicle-Infotainment system for offroad races.

Our expectations

  • Embedded Linux (Yocto);
  • mostly C++, partly C;
  • QT;
  • Database (SQLite)
  • Audio;
  • UI;
  • Writing unit tests;
  • English: written and spoken communication with Customer Writing unit tests

What should you expect

An engineer will develop the In-Vehicle-Infotainment system.

Everyday activities are but not limited to:

  • Task estimation;
  • Developing code;
  • Refactoring code;
  • Creation of Unit Tests;
  • Testing;
  • Cross-Reviewing;
  • Finding SW and HW issues;
  • Creating documentation;
  • Reporting.

What we offer

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About the project

Our customer is the largest company, the leader in the production of microprocessors, chipsets and other electronic devices. Project is related to the enhancing/improving software simulation models of various platforms – from ordinary ethernet adapters to the latest devices that are just being developed in hardware. You will have to work at the intersection of hardware (simulation) and software, starting with the BIOS and ending with the OS kernel, usually Linux, sometimes Windows, and their drivers.

Our expectations

  • C, Assembler as well as Python;
  • Unix (Linux) kernel internal and standard libraries;
  • Unix (Linux) tools such as GCC, binutils, shell utilities, shell scripting, Makefile, etc;
  • Strong understanding of one or more CPU architectures (x86, PowerPC, ARM, etc);
  • Strong understanding of PC architecture (South/North Bridge, PIC, PCI, ISA, etc);
  • Understanding of software development life cycle;
  • Spoken English.

What should you expect

  • Develop models of various devices for a specific platform simulator. Models are developed in a language derived from and very similar to C;
  • Developed model should be very close to a real model, i.e. provide the same registry set and behave in the same way;
  • After the model is developed, standard Linux driver should successfully detect and work with the device as it is a real physical device.

What we offer

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Gross salary from 3000 Euro

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Referral bonus

We have a referral bonus: 450 EUR net.
It applies to employees of the company and not only.
  • You can recommend a candidate who meets the requirements of the job opening
    Unfortunately, if we have already contacted this person within 3 months or his CV is in the public domain, for example, on the website, as well as in our database, we will not be able to pay you the bonus
  • Your recommendation is valid for 1 year - that is the opportunity to get the bonus reserved for you for as long as 12 months
  • The bonus is paid after the recommended candidates successfully pass the probation period.
    There is no referral bonus if the referee leaves the company or resigns before the end of the probation period.
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they may know the specialists we are looking for!
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We welcome remote work, which means it is not necessary to go to our office to get to know each other.
Feel free to contact the HR you like best.

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